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All this lumber discussion raises a question for me. My 90 year old father
maintains that our family name Gibian (Gibianski in Poland) means pine forest.
The earliest Gibianski mention in Landsmann was >from Giby. Is there anything
to the theory?

Also, family tradition has it that the Gibian family was descended >from the
Gibeonites. The Gibeonites were Temple servants in Jerusalem and were punished
by Joshua ( Josh 9:29) for their ruse and made to be hewers of wood and water
carriers. Gibeon still exists-now called al-Jib, but this theory sounds too
far fetched to have any truth. Any ideas?

There are two distinct Jewish branches of Gibian--Ours >from Suwalki and one
from Czechoslovakia. I have been in contact with many of those members, but we
can not seem to get a connection. I somehow feel we must be related, but don't
know whether the family went >from Czech to Poland or the other way around.
There are mentions of Gibianski in Poland starting in the late 1700's. Any

Barb Gibian Heinrich
Buffalo Grove, IL.

Searching GIBIANSKI-Giby,Sejny, Suwalki: ETTENSON -Suwalki, Alytus,
HEINRICH-Burgenland, SABATH and HIRSCH >from Vienna and Mastov
Czechoslovakia,SCHAFFER >from Riga.

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