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<< "Schliama Huna" appears in Berek Bromberg's birth record as the name of
his father but "Shlomo Alhanan" is listed as his father's name on his
tombstone which is Hebrew.
==Shleyme is the Yiddish pronounciation for Hebrew Shlomo (Solomon in Greek
and Latin).

==Chuneh, Chuna are Yiddish forms for Channa (Hannah), Chanan, or Elchananan

'Could this be "Szlama Chuna" which is part of the name of one of Berek's
sons as it appears in an English document.'

==No accounting for spellings and transliteration among the many languages in
which these documents appear to originate.

== It was common for the names to alternate between generations in Ashkenazi
(not just Sefardi) families. Shlomo would have a son Chanan who would append
his patronymic, Shlomo, and be known as Chanan Shlomo. Chanan's son would
take his grandfather's name and add his own father's and become Shlomo Chanan,
the order of names reversing each generation.

'Berek's tombstone says "Here lies Mr. Dov Bar son of Shlomo
Alhanan". I have never seen any reference to Dov Bar. What does this refer

==Berek could be a form of Barukh (Blessed = Benedikt). In this case it's
probably a diminutive (in the local language or a family tadition) of Ber.
Ber is Yiddish for Bear, which in Hebrew is Dov. Dov-Ber is a common double
name used by the family and friends. The German form of Ber is Ba"r (with an
umlaut) occasionally spelled Baer. Here you get your Bar.

==I'm somewhat interested in this. My own family name, Bernet, is attributed
in some dictionaries to Baruch-Benedikt-Bennet; in others to Dov-Ber-
Bernhard. (Actually, in my case it was likely neither of these)

Michael Bernet, New York

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