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I'd like to go public with the scanty data I have of the LURIA-TREVES
connection.I am myself a descendant of Rabbi Jehuda Ashkenazi(ben Shimon
Trevish), through the line of my grandfather >from my mothers side-how and
in what way can be found in more detail in section 3 of my HomePage:


from two sources:-Ya'acobi-a well known Jerusalem genealogist and
historian, who researched Rashi's descendants-claiming the Treves dynasty
going back to Rashi's daughter Yocheved, and "Otsar Yisra'eel", bringing
the roots of the Treveses back to Rashi's daughter Miriam, I build two
trees, that I reluctantly would call "genealogies", because of so many
missing details. In any case, both trees are identical >from Rabbi
Jossel(Joselin Josef) of Rosheim(1478-1554). Trevishes were central figures
in Frankfurt a.M. in the 16th century and remained active as Avoth Beth Din
and as rabbinical authorities in Poland at least till the beginning of the
19th century.I do not think it right to call them "medieval".

The LURIA's come in as Rabbi Jossel of Rosheim daughter in law:-NN Bat
Aharon ben Yechiel, married to his son Moshe Ben Jossel-Josef (Elsass-
Loans),who died in 1618. She was her husband's second cousin, but I do not
know in what way. She is, by the way, one of the rare instances that my
data give details about spouses.

Bat Aharon was the daughter of Aaron Ben Yechiel Luria, granddaughter of
Yechiel ben Yochanan Luria.

"My" Rabbi Jehuda Ashkenazi was the grandson of Bat Aharon brother-in-
law,(brother of her husband) Shneor ben Joseph Jossel Trevish.

Mr. Enzo will recall our very friendly and detailed correspondence a year
and a half ago. The Italian branch of Trevish had its start with the second
expulsion >from France in 1395. The Ashkenaz branch started with the first
expulsion >from France in 1306, but they returned to France.More details
about these migrations can be found in "Otsar Yisra'eel".

If anyone has addtional genealogical data that can help me improving the
charting of the ancestry of Rabbi Yehuda Ashkenazi, especially spouses,
dates and geographical data -I shall be happy to receive these privately.

Shalom >from Israel,

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In a message dated 98-12-09 16:00:13 EST, Eric Lewis writes:

I am trying to trace the Canadian branch of the family of my late
father, surname LURIA, who visited England during the war whilst in the
Canadian services. >>
All Luries, Lurias etc. are said to be descentdants of R. Luria, the
Ashkenazi kabbalist of Safed (Galilee), known also as the Arie, or Ari
haQadosh, or Ari-zal, Many books have been published that trace his line.
The Luries held a reunion in Safed some 15-20 years ago; I am sure that a
number of valuable works were printed for that occasion. A visit to a
Jewish library may help you find a book that traces your branch.

Michael Bernet, New York

MODERATOR NOTE: Many if not most people with the name LURIA or variants
thereof are descended >from the prominent rabbinical family which traces
its ancestry to the medieval TREVES family and thence, traditionally, to
RaSHI. The connection of the Ari to this family has not, to the best of
our knowledge, been established. In addition, some unrelated LURIA
families adopted the name much later, possibly in tribute to the
prominence of either the old rabbinical family or the Ari. Dr Neil
Rosenstein and others have written of the rabbinical family in Avotaynu
and elsewhere.

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