Re: Jewish name qof-nun-ayin-nun-dalet-lamed #germany

Ury Link

A few years ago I gave a answer on this matter in the JewishGen and I take
it >from the JewishGen archive:

.... and to the Alsace names that you give me :
Gentel/Gendel/Gendle/Genttle. I have a strong feeling, but I can not prove
it, that all this names came >from the old Jewish-German female name Genendel
and this name is a nickname to the Hebrew name Chana (Hana). Why Genendel is
Chana ? Perhaps you understand German, the root of Genendel is Begnadigung
.In English it mean pardon, amnesty and in Hebrew the root Chana have the
same explanation,......... Best regards

Ury Link Amsterdam Holland

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