Gwyrich Castle, Abergele, North Wales--Hachsharah (Hapoel Hamizrachi?) #germany


I have discovered the British alien registration record ("get out of
internment, free") of a probable relative, Milli Mirjam Koenigshoefer, which gives
her address as Gwyrich Castle, Abergele. She is listed as "agricultural
trainee." I assume this Gwyrich Castle was a Hachsharah (training farm for
preparing for Israel).

Abergele is a seaside resort on the coast of North Wales, about half way between
Rhyl and Conway Bay. Not far away is St Asaph ("the world's smallest city") where
a Hachsharah of Bachad/Hapoel Hamizrachi was located.

Does anyone have information on Gwyrich Castle, or the St Asaph hachsharah?
Were they the same? Does anyone know of Milli Mirjam Koenigshoefer, born
Breslau, 1920?

Michael Bernet, New York

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