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Ury Link

Dear Genners,
All what I have to said about this matter is only a guess of me. I was
several times on the Beit Chaim cemetery of the Dutch Portuguese Jews in
Ouderkerk near Amsterdam and I know that several Tombstone are with Skull
and Crossbones. I was also in the Portuguese cemetery in Curacau in the
Caribbean and also in Barbados in Bridgetown and in this cemetery you find
also the same. I have also in my home the beautiful book of D.Henrigues De
Castro about the Jewish cemetery in Ouderkerk written in the end of the 19
century and printed again as a facsimile in 1999 isbn: 90 9012829 8. In
this book are several tombstone pictures with the skull and crossbones and
I know >from my knowledge that in Germany and also in Austria you find
tombstones with the skull and crossbones in Jewish cemetery. I don't think
that it get out >from the symbol of the Pirates , that was not a Jewish
profession at all and also it have nothing to do with a membership of the
Chevra Kadisha because it was and is the custom in Holland (and perhaps in
other country also) that all the Chevra Kadish members are buried in the
same row with a separated row for the women.We find this symbol on several
tombs in all the part of the cemetery. In my opinion and it is only my
because I don't find support for this idea in the books that I have in my
home and I don't have the time to check it in another library (today is
Sunday!!), it get out >from the book of the prophet Yechezkeel (Ezechiel)
chepter 37 verse 1 - 14. in this chapter spoke the prophet about the so
called the vision of the dry bones, the revival of the dead bones of
Israel. My English is not so good that I can explain it in the correct
words (my excuse). The Portuguese Jews used on the tombstone a lot of
symbols, the was influenced >from the Spanish and Italian tombstone culture.
Until today we don't know who was the sculptor that do the beautiful
tombstone in Amsterdam in the 17 century,most of the researcher think the
came >from Italy. Pleas forgive me if I write a little to much about this
matter and all the conclusion are only my personnel meaning and not more.
Best regards,

Ury Link Amsterdam Holland <uryl@...>

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