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David M. Bickman <bickmand@...>

I would be interested in knowing what results, if any, that JewishGen
subscribers have had in obtaining family history information >from either
or both of the Kamenets Podolsk and Vinnitsa Archives.

My ancestors come >from the towns and villages of Vinkovtsy, Novaya Ushitsa
and Verbovtsy. The first two are in Khmelnitsky Oblast, Ukraine, and the
last one is in Vinnitsa Oblast, Ukraine. The archives for Khmelnitsky
Oblast are in Kamenets Podolsk and the archives for Vinnitsa Oblast are in

My own experience is that there are no records available for the time
period of 1880-1914. Has anyone else found any records for this time
period and, if so, what kinds of records?

David M. Bickman

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