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Jim & Sara Feldman <feldmans@...>

My understanding is that Deggendorf had an UNWRA Camp that served refugees
evacuated as part of the response to the Berlin Blockade. (It didn't take
the Airlift staff long to observe that empty planes could evacuate refugees
more easily than overstuffed planes could feed them.) The camp may have
served other purposes as well.

I had several relatives who were housed there when they fled the post WWII
polish progroms and headed for territory held by the Allies. They were
first housed at Templehof in Berlin. Yes, after surviving in the Soviet
Union and then "going home to Poland", it did strike them as peculiar to be
heading to Berlin.

I can put you in contact with people who were there. Contact me privately.
I have no doubt that UNWRA had records, but I have no idea how you access


Jim Feldman
Newton, MA

Jane Lachs wrote:

Has anyone here heard of a DP camp in Deggendorf, Germany ?
Would there be any lists of the people who lived there?

Regards >from Jane Lachs in Munich
Jane@Henio.Muc.De :-)

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