JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re:"Ustralinka" #general


Dear People,

In part of her message of Dec. 30, 1998, Sue Leventhal inquired about a
shtetl she hesitantly spelled as "Ustralinka."
I think this must be "Ostraleka," also spelled as "Ostrolenka."
For its location she should use the shtetlseeker. (I've temporarily mislaid my
Polish map among the bookstacks on the floor.)

There is a Yizkor book for Ostraleka in which she may be able to find
mention of her Leventhals, provided she can get hold of the book through
purchase or interlibrary loan, and have someone look through it to translate
the Hebrew and Yiddish in which is it written (in case she can't read those

Sefer kehilat Ostrolenka (Book of kehilat Ostrolenka). Ed. Y.Ivri. Tel
Aviv: Association of Former Residents of Ostrolenka, 1963, 578 pp., and

UCLA has a copy. Its call no. is DS 135 P62 075. There may be copies
elsewhere but Yale does not list it. YIVO surely would have a copy but it
hasn't reopened yet. If Ms. Leventhal can get to YIVO when it does reopen,
she can order the book >from its warehouse, unless in its new headquarters all
the Yizkor books will be available in situ, and have someone leaf through the
book and look up the Leventhal name. (The volunteer who does translations
has usually come in only on Thursdays, but perhaps one will be available more
often when YIVO reopens.)


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