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Judith Romney Wegner

From: "Laurence Trister" <ltrister@...>
I have just been told that my family name of Trister stems in some way from
the names Alkallay/Alkalai.
The early geographical links would be Botasani in Romania and Trieste in
This cryptic comment "I have just been told ...." intrigued me: I'd
love to know EXACTLY how your informant connected a Yiddish/Ashkenazic
surname like TRISTER to an Arabic/Sephardic name like ALKALAI. Can you
tell us more about this?

The surname "TRISTER" appears to mean simply "Triester" ("person from
Trieste" -- where Jews lived >from the middle ages on). And the Enc. Jud.
article on Trieste says those Jews came >from Germany -- which certainly
does not suggest Sephardic origin. So, I'm left wondeirng how you got
from here to there!
Judith Romney Wegner

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