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I am asking some thoughts on spelling variations. In Polish is a "B"
pronounced the same as in English and is this consistent or did it vary
from area to area? I ask because this will determine where I look for my

-The name I'm searching is NADWORNY(NADVORNY). It is so rare among Jews
with that spelling I firmly believe that my family (ggp on down) is the
only family with it. And they were >from Odessa (at least >from 1860s).
-The NADBORNY (or NADBORNE orY) spelling comes >from around the Lomza/Warsaw
and much more common although still uncommon. So far, it has nothing to do
with the Nadworne/Nadvornaya location.
-In Latin based languages, B/V are quite interchangeable. Is this the same
within Slavic languages?
-It seems logical to assume Polish origins for my family. But then there
are a number of Polish/Catholic families with my NADWORNY spelling (and
even one family >from Berdichev).

So, should I assume a Lomza/Warsaw origin or an intermarriage????????? Or
both :-)

Pls respond privately.

Anita Citron
Searching NADWORNY, SILVER (Odessa) MEDNIK/WILDMAN (Berdichev)

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