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Dear People,

Today, while I was finishing writing my pleading about the book Herb
Weisberg had mentioned on the Jews of Podolia, it occurred to me to make a
list of the names I found in Gregor BELKOWSKI's memoir, since I mentioned this
memoir's existence in that message. (Gregor BELKOWSKI, as I said, in that
message, was a noted Zionist and my grandfather Isidor BELKOWSKY's first

Some of the names I am listing may not be Jewish names, but I have tried
to select those I believe to be Jewish names and have including those I am not
sure about, following those names with a question mark.

ARONES . He was Principal of the House of Gelerter School at the corner
of Pushkin and Jews Streets, in Odessa

Alexander MAYER or MAYERS. He was a School Inspector and head of the
2nd "Pro-Gymnasium" which Gregor attended in Odessa.

David NOVAKOVSKY, He was the "famous" conductor of the Brody Synagogue
choir in which Gregor sang, After doing some research about this rather
"Reform" synagogue, I learned that NOVAKOVSKY " was an educated musician with
a mastery of polyphony and a good knowledge of European classical music. His
works are formally very effective and were designed more for liturgical
concerts than for the usual services." (Russian Jewry 1860-1917, Frumkin et
al. eds., Union of Russian Jews., Thomas Yoseloff Publisher, l966).

Nisan BLUMENTHAL. He was the Brody Synagogue cantor. The
abovementioned book on Russian Jewry says of him that he was "inspired
singer" and "familiar with the music of Bach,Handel, and Mendelssohn >from whom
he often 'borrowed' fragments of themes, adapting them to the text of a psalm
or prayer."

FREIDENBERG (sp? no first name indicated). He was the editor of the
journal "Devorah." which published some of Gregor's poems.

ZASDEKEWICH ?(no first name). He was a teacher of Literature, in either
the House of Gelerter or the Gymasium. (Gregor's memoir is not very coherent
as to time sequences.)

David GISTLING. He was a friend of Gregor and with him published a
monthly magazine called "The Force" whose topics were of student concern.
GISTLING went on to become a lawyer in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

BOROWSKY?(No first name given). He was another school Inspector.

EFROTY? I am listing this name in case it has a relation to the name
Efrati which Jewishgenner Stephen Efrati. This EFROTY was a wealthy
philanthropist who endowed a scholarship which Gregor won in competition. This
was at the Law Department of the Novo-Russian University of Odessa.

Ivan TABACHNIKOW? He was Professor of Roman Law at the above-mentioned
University. (Probably not Jewish, but sympathetic to Jews.)

BLANK (No first name given.) he was brother of the wife, Clara, of
Professor Zvi Herman Shapira. The footnote to this passage says that Clara
"moved to Jerusalem after her husband's death where she worked as a nurse."
She also participated with her husband in the 1st Zionist Congress and in the
Russian Zionists' Convention which was held after the Congress.

MALANTOWICH? He was a minister in Kerensky's government, but when Gregor
worked for him, he was an official in the High Council of Common Economy

Yehuda HOCHMAN. He was a Docent in the Faculty of Mathematics at the
Odessa University. For some reason, he got his appointment without having had
to convert, whereas Gregor was required to convert in order to assume a
professorhip." (Perhaps the rules were changed when Gregor applied or were
whimsically applied, as HOCHMAN had gotten his position two years before
Gregor applied for his professorhip.

Michael PERGAMENT. He applied for the same Law chair Gregor refused,
and received the appointment because he had accepted the condion to convert.
His brother Joseph PERGAMOT also converted in order to be allowed to appear as
a lawyer in Court, Joseph later became a delegate to the Russian Duma. One
of these PERGAMENTs allegedly committed suicide. (Gregor's memoir doesn't make
clear to which Pergament the "he" refers. (There was a law promulgated in
1889 suspending new admissions to the bar of Jews and Moslems and it remained
in effect, though only with respect to Jews for fifteen years.)

ZELIGER. This is the surname of two brothers who also became
Christians. Then the elder was allowed the chair of mathematics at the Odessa
University, and the younger was granted permission to appear as a lawyer in

Herman BLUMENFELD. He was a lawyer who became a senator in the Kerensky
government. When he left his job as legal assistant to Nicolai Mateshnikow,
Gregor took his place..
(Jewishgenner Michael Chen, who graciously located and translated Gregor's
memoir for me, told me, some time after he had done the translation,that he
realized that this same BLUMENTHAL was an uncle, of Leon Magaro of Odessa.
(brother of Leon's mother).Leon married Chen's wife's aunt, sister of his
wife's father.)

Nathan BIRENBAUM. He was a noted Zionist and editor of the "Self-
Emancipation" Journal. Gregor corresponded with him and, when he was in
Vienna, stayed at his home.

Emile MEYERSON. He was also a ZIonist and a philosopher. He headed the
telegraph agency of "HOWAS". Gregor was friends with him in Paris, where
Gregor worked for the "Economic World."

In addition to BIRENBAUM, and in the context of ZIonist activities,
Gregor mentions in passing other Zionist associates: R. BRIENIN, DORENBUSH,
ZALTZ, MOSES, and ARHENPRIES, who was the chief rabbi of Stockholm

Naomi Fatouros

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