JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: How did Jews get to France #general


Jews settled in France at the beginning of the 2nd century
C.E., and in the Middle Ages spread all over its present
territory. Then they were more or less completely expelled
several times by the kings of France, and completely in 1394.
In that time Alsace and Lorraine were not part of the kingdom.

But some so-called "Portuguese Jews" (marranos) were
admitted as New-Christians in Bordeaux and near Bayonne,
in the late 15th century. About 500 of them temporarily
settled in Nantes (Brittany), but none remained after 1639.

Jews were permitted to live anywhere in France after 1791,
but many of them had no hereditary surname before
Napoleon's decree of 1808.

Basile Ginger
CGJ (French JGS), Paris

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