Re: South German Family Registers - [Proposed GerSIG Project] #germany

Roger Lustig <trovato@...>

Allan Hirsch's proposal to obtain the BMD records and family registers
is certainly worth pursuing. (Dottie: you propose "digitizing" them.
Do you mean, .jpg images or the like--or transcriptions? Images would
require an index, at the very least.)

Now: how many of these items are already available via LDS? How many
(if any) have been transcribed? Certainly a few of them are available
on the Web: has
family-register pages >from Hochberg bei Waiblingen (5 ancestors of
mine!) and BMD materials >from Weingarten. (3 cheers for [GerSIG member] Alex
Calzareth!) These are >from LDS films

If transcription is the goal, then it may make better economic sense to
work >from the films. $3.50 (at my location, anyway) gets you a film for
a month. Moreover, people in many different places will be
transcribing, so photocopies obtained >from Germany will need to be
duplicated first (for security) and then shipped to transcribers.

My own list of potentially relevant Baden films has entries for about
275 different reels (of which I have actually viewed not a one!). Some
of these films may not have Jewish records, though. Perhaps we should
get a better idea of the lay of the land before proceeding.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ
researching Upper Silesia (and occasionally the southern parts too)

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