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An article in the Spring 1994 issue of Avotaynu titled "More on
Polish-Jewish Genealogical Research" by Edward David Luft page 12 explains
that "...where there were too few Jews in a small village to have their own
community, the local Catholic priest was the official crown agent for
keeping vital records of Jews and others." He recommends checking the back
of Roman Catholic parish registers.
I tried this on two microfilm reels of church records myself for a town in
Poland that has no Jewish records microfilmed, but without success.
David Rosen
Boston, MA

Harland Goldwater wrote:

Are Polish Church records of the early 19th c. a logical place to look
for Jewish entries? After some successes, we have exhausted the FHC
Jewish records for our search in several small towns near Lodz, Poland,
and wonder whether searching parish records would have value.

Betty Goldwater

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