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I have been following the discussion thread regarding
the proposed name adloption list project for GerSIG
originally mentioned on this Forum.

I believe that Avotaynu Press, Inc. will be publishing a book
shortly, written by our own Lars Menk, (GerSig member since 1998)
that contains information >from many of these name adoption lists.
(correct me if I am wrong, Lars.) [*** What is the publication date ? ***]

If this is so, we do not need to "reinvent the wheel."

Barbara Algaze Los Angeles, California

1. Lars Menk's book will cover northern Germany only, I believe.
2. Months ago I asked Mr. Menk whether he could make his name adoption
list sources available for use in a GerSIG or JewishGen data base.
He replied that the contract with Avotaynu Press would not allow this.
3. GerSIG is an Internet based group. Any project that we take on as an
official SIG project must have the creation of an Internet database
at the JewishGen website as its ultimate goal.

Name adoptions lists >from cities and towns in Germany are available >from many
sources. Some sources are widely known. Others are very obscure.

Arthur Obermayer suggested combining the information >from such lists into a
single database that could be searched and read >from anywhere via the Internet.

For an example of what Mr. Obermayer has proposed, visit the excellent
database created by Wolfgang Fritzsche. This link is always available
via the "Resources" page at the GerSIG website under "Name Adoption Lists":

(Dr. Fritzsche's efforts have been focused on only one part of Germany.
The Obermayer proposal was for an all Germany database.)

This would not, in my opinion, be described as a wasteful use of time and
effort to "reinvent the wheel".

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