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Jan Bousse <janbousse@...>

As always Roger Lustig made an important contribution to the subject of
adoption lists, censuses, etc. When this discussion started I was wondering
when someone would refer to the very extensive lists dated 24 March 1812 for
Berlin and the surrounding region, the Kurmark. When I spent a week in
Berlin in various archives, almost three years ago, I saw the booklet with
these lists, >from a friend researcher I got a photocopy of two pages with
the places I was interested in, Spandau and Liebenwalde, but I have seen
that there is a long list for Berlin. It seems to me that this printed
booklet should be available in the main library, for instance the
Staatsbibliothek Berlin. I know that the lady who made these copies for me
possessed the booklet, so it should not be difficult to find. Since I can't
put attachments in this mail, I could propose to Roger that I send him
privately a scan of the two pages I have, so that he can identify it and see
if we are talking of the same thing. I for one would now, at this stage of
my research, dearly wish I could check names in the larger Berlin list.

Apart >from these lists in German regions, I would like to point out that
such lists, or at least the original records of the declarations of name
adoption, exist for the period of 1808 in Belgium and in parts of the
Netherlands which were then also under French rule. I have copies of such
declarations in Gulpen, Limburg, and there the origin of the person is
marked, very often they came >from Germany. In this case a man called Lebe
Elias chose the name Hector LACLOCHE and he came >from Gemmingen,
Wuerttemberg. I have seen the same records in Brussels, about a hundred
persons, there the origin of the person was not recorded, only the old name
and the new adopted name. The case I am interested in, e.g., was EBIE who
became DEBY. I know >from other documents that he was born in Strelitz,

I hope this helps those who are looking for more sources and details. I
repeat that the Berlin list I saw contains many localities outside Berlin,
they are listed in alphabetical order. For instance on the page where I have
Spandau there follows Storckow, Strasburg, Strausberg. On the other page I
have there is Joachimsthal, Kyritz, Alt Landsberg, Amt Lebus, Lenzen,
Liebenwalde, Lindow, Luckenwalde, Lychen, Mittenwalde, Muenchenberg.

Jan Bousse, Oostende, Belgium

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