Wuerttemberg "Familienpredigten" = hespedim #germany

reuven <mor@...>

Hello GerSIG,

recently I came across a site that is probably not known to many. A German
genealogist has indexed a collection of "family speaches"
(Familienpredigten) - printed editions (gothic print) of speaches that were
held at private occasions, like baptizing, marriage or funeral. The
collection is kept at WLB in Stuttgart. It includes quite a few "hespedim"
funeral speaches for Jews who died in Wuerttemberg in the second half of the
19th century. Mr.Kunert seems to be working on his site, but it is already
searchable for last names, places, years, etc. I saw a few EINSTEIN in
Buchau, some Buttenhausen residents and my Lauheim ancestors: LAUPHEIMER,
HOFHEIMER, HIRSCHFELD. The copies for last I received - if anyone else
should be intersted.


Copies have to be ordered >from the "Wuerttembergische Landesbibliothek
Stuttgart" (WLB).


Knowledge of German is essential for both sites. (Paste the links into the
browser.) If someone is not fluent in German but would like to check for a
certain name or town, I could help.

What I learned >from this: sofar I did not expect libraries to hold material
referring to individuals which, if you are lucky enough, include your ancestors.

Regards Reuven Mohr Israel

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