Finding Passenger List for person arriving [NYC] on May 16, 1891 #germany

Eva J. Ruben

I have been asked the following question and do not have the answer. I
am hoping that someone on the list might know the answer. Thanking in advance,

Eva Lamm-Ruben, Nevada City, CA

MODERATOR NOTES: 1. The Jewish Genealogy Society, Inc. (of NYC), hosts of the 2006
IAJGS Conference, has a fine website and many NY records experts among its
members. This would be a great question for that group's experts.

I have found a passenger on the Furst Bismark, departing Hamburg to
Southampton and arriving in NY on May 16,1891. Question is this:
Castle Garden closed April 18, 1890. She is listed on the New York
Passenger Passenger Lists 1851-1891. I read in John Phillip Colletta's
book, "They Came in Ships", that the following day, April 19, 1890, the
US government established a temporary processing center near the Old
Customs House, The Barge Office, which operated until Elllis Island
opened in January 1892. Because she arrived after Castle Garden closed
and before Ellis Island opened, and she is listed on the NY Passenger
Lists, I am wondering if anyone know if these records were filmed
and/or how to get access of the records for that time period?
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Please try to write subject line for your message that presents a good summary
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"Seek passenger list of Vessel 'Furst Bismark'- Hamburg> Southhampton> NY May 1891

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