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Hello GerSIG,

In a certain connection to the problem with digitizing BMD records I would
like some advice in a similar case.

Emily Rose wrote: "A project that could be feasible would be to digitalize
the Family Registers in the Central Archives of the Jewish People in Jerusalem.
These are on fiche and very difficult to use"

Without understanding what "on fiche" means I agree that they are very difficult
to use and probably the worst solution for the project.
Encountering this problem already twenty years ago, I added to my private
Gedcom, based on the records at CAHJP, the rich genealogical data which
Natanja Huettenmeister included in her book "Der juedische Friedhof
Laupheim". She used all available Laupheim records and attached them to the
information about each visible grave in the Laupheim Jewish cemetery. Hers
is a printed book, my Gedcom is a "digitized" version of the genealogical data.

At the present stage of the matters: where on JewishGen would be a site for
a file of genealogical data for a certain community (Laupheim/Wuerttemberg
in this case)?

First I had uploaded the file together with my private tree
to FTJP. After it was deleted I was informed that this is not the proper
site for such a file. I created a seperate Excel template with the details
of the people actually buried at the cemetery for "JOWBR" and it should
appear there in the next weeks.

But still I don't know where to put the larger Gedcom file. It might even
make unnecessary another digitizing of Laupheim records - a rather large
community - within the currently discussed project. Regards,

Reuven Mohr Israel <>

MOD NOTE: JewishGen has a database they call "ShtetLinks" at which information,
photos, historical comments, maps, documents and other material about a specific
town is presented in a website. The best example for a German town is at: **

Few other German towns are included in this database but there is no reason that
this couldn't change. Some of Mr. Mohr's data on the Laupheim Jewish community
could become the core of a Laupheim ShtetLink project. To make this happen,
people with data, documents and photos need to be matched with other people who
have the skills needed to create a simple web page. GerSIG would be delighted
to be the matchmaker for interested volunteers.

(Separately, AustroCzech SIG (aka BohMor) has a collection of town datafiles under
"Gemeinde View" at its website.

GerSIG members who are familiar with the ShtetLinks project - your comments
are invited. Please send same to * both * <> and also this list.

Regarding Mr. Mohr's comments on having his Gedcom "rejected" by the Family
Tree of the Jewish People database (FTJP): For important reasons (including
the privacy of living individuals included in family trees) and also technical
reasons, JewishGen has rules covering the form and content of family trees
that can be added to the FTJP database. I suspect this to be the reason for
Mr. Mohr's problem.

Learn more about FTJP at:

and about "Shtetlinks" at:

** See the link at this site to an image of a Schutzbrief (Letter of protection)
re: the Zimmt / Bernet message posted earlier today. MODERATOR1

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