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Yonatan Ben-David <YoniBenD@...>

Dear Corin,

If you have the time and inclination, could you post the best ideas and
tactics that you received on how to handle cold calls to strangers? I
know the moderator said that this thread is now closed, yet perhaps
he/she might allow the above-mentioned to appear here, as such
information could be useful to all of us. In fact, if assembled and
edited, these tips could make a practical info-file. Contacting
relatives who dont even know we exist is something that we all must do
many times...

Yonatan Ben-David
Tel Aviv

MODERATOR NOTE It is obvious that there is a need for an info -file
on cold calls. Yonatan Ben-David's comment is well taken. Perhaps
he would be willing to undertake the task of assembling all the
information. If so, we will reopen the thread just long enough to
post his announcement (grin). Deborah Dworski , whose message follows,
seems to have summed up most of the ideas previously posted and added
some of her own. Perhaps a collaboration is in order for such an

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