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WROZI <wrozi@...>

I don't know how the old files were, but I had my social security name changed
several times.

My original social security card had my given name, middle name and maiden I changed that when I marrried. That marriage ended and I kept
the married name. I had my re-married years later and again changed my social
security card to the newer married name. My social security number never

However, as for the drivers license; my first had my given name, middle name
was maiden surname, surname was my married name. After my second marriage,
the drivers license had my given name, for middle name - they used my first
married surname, and the surname is my last married name.

Then, as far as my checking account, the bank issued me new checks with the new
married name, but allowed me to use checks with the old married name - they
said they allow this knowing that it takes time to have all papers changed.
Therefore, I was allowed to use my personal checks with either name imprinted
on it. Go Figure.

So, I can understand why you will have problems in obtaining the correct names.
However, with all the marriages and re-marriages, I would think Social
Security would have the additional information added on to enable all concerned
to have access to the files and the correct changes.

Roslyn Goldman Downey
Winter park, FL

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