Re: Restrictions on Jewish Marriage - "Matrikel" #germany


3/14/2005 writes:

"Permission to marry was so precious that in one case in my
family, legend has it that a relative was given a widow's
"right to marry" (I believe it's called a Matrikel) in return
for taking care of her financially for the rest of her life!"

==Not at all uncommon. If there was no son to inherit the Schutzbrief
(Letter of Protection) it would usually be passed on to a son or son-in-law who
would be expected to take on the family obligations that (legally? customarily?)
were associated with the owner of the Schutzbrief.

==A Matrikel (>from the Latin for register) was the record of a survey list
of Jews in a community. Usually it refers to the list of surnames adopted by
Jews in the roughly 1800-1830 period. It listed residence, parents, offspring,
real estate, net worth, state of health, trade or profession, etc. It usually
listed the Schutzbrief of each family with its serial number. The Matrikel
may have served as reference of status or familial relationship but did not
in itself bestow rights to marriage or residence.

Michael Bernet, New York

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