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Joel Ives <jives@...>

In response to Rich Sinykin's question which follows, I offer a
suggestion that may help other researchers. One of the people that Rich
is looking for is "Erona FRANKEL." You can search telephone databases,
SSDI, Ancestry databases and some other databases using only the first
name. It is far easier to find someone named "Erona" than someone named
"Frankel" For example there is an "Erona Cooke" in the SSDI who was
born in 1920. Of course, you can't use this technique if you're looking
for someone named "David."

"In 1921, my great grandmother Jennie FRANKEL HARRIS of Minneapolis had
brother in Canada (city and province unknown) by the name of Max
Max was married to an Ella ? or M. Ella ? They had five children. The
oldest was a girl named Erona, born circa 1913."

Joel Ives
Fair Lawn, New Jersey

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