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I am seeking the descendents of Alexander Sasha SINGFER (1860?-1933?) and
Ester Aster LEARPOLD (1860?-1938?). Of their seven children (please
forgive me for misspelling names), one emigrated to the United States
--Chaim Heinrich Singfer and one to Israel -- Arieh Leav Singfer
(1899?-1949?). My wife is a granddaugher of Chaim Heinrich who changed his
name to Henry SENFKOR. As I understand, Arieh Leav married Ahoova Louisa
Pishar and had the following children: Chaim, Ze'ev, Shalom, Dov, and
ALEXANDER. Chaim and Zilph OTSEAL had the following children: Osnat,
Yaron, Anat, Adva, and Rotem. Ze'ev and Hannah VISHINSKY had the following
children: Ariella, Oded, and Alice. Shalom and Sara ZELZNAH had the
following children: Ophria and Yitzchak. Dov and Shoshana LAZER had the
following children: Arielle and Ehuc. Alexander and Devora NEGTAR had the
following children Daphna and Arieh.

Some of these individuals have been in contact with my wife's uncles
William and Leonard Senkfor. Unfortunately, both have not given me names
and addresses. I wish to share extensive genealogy information with them.

Joel and Linda Shedlofsky
St. Louis, MO

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