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Peter Janovsky <pjanovsky@...>

My grandmother, Rebecca SCHAECHTER, was born in Constantinople,
Turkey in 1885, one of eight children born to Berthe Schaechter and
her husband in the last half of the 19th century. I believe that her
husband (my great-grandfather) was named Eliezar Schaechter and was
a rabbi in Constantinople. He may have been born in Palestine.
I believe that my great-great grandfather was also a rabbi.

They were Ashkenazi Jews who apparently lived in the Galata section
of Constantinople. My grandmother and her brother and sisters were
educated in schools set up by the Alliance Israelite Universelle.

The following are the dates of birth I have been able to obtain:

Rebecca Schaechter: April 2, 1885
Israel Schaechter: February 2, 1876
Miriam Schaechter: February 20, 1882
Raphael Eskenazi (Miriam's husband): February 28, 1879

What resources can you recommend for finding out more about my
family in Turkey?

Thanks for your help.

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