INTRO - Seeking BEHR - Bavaria > NY 19th Century #germany

Phil Urlwin-Smith <smithpl.pmprops@...>

From: Phil Urlwin-Smith
Hello GerSig,
I have just joined your group and have been doing genealogy research for about
four years now. I consider myself to be a novice in doing German Jewish Genealogy
research. I am indebted to my recently discovered fourth Cousins, Jeanette
Rosenberg and Hugh Broder for supplying me with details of my ancestors on the
German Jewish side of my family.

I live in a semi rural area of England about 30 miles West of London. My native
language is English and I can speak passable French and a smattering of German.
I consider myself intermediate in using a computer and have extensive experience
of using the internet.

My primary research goal is to find out the ancestors of my 2 Great Grandfather,
Lewis BEHR who was my maternal Grandmother`s paternal Grandfather. He was born in
Bavaria in 1837 and married Lena Unknown, b.1840, Bavaria.

They emigrated to the United States sometime before 1870 and settled in the
New York area. They had seven children, on of whom was Samuel BEHR, my
Great Grandfather. Kind regards,

Philip Urlwin-Smith Suburban London UK smithpl.pmprops@...

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