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Hello dear people,

My great-grandmother gave birth to a boy during the trip that would have
brought her and his husband and other seven children to Buenos Aires in
1891. Shortly after their arrival this baby died, and was buried
somewhere in the village where they passed the first months. The only
ecord of his existence -apart >from family memories, which were very vague-,
is his name in the list of passengers of the ship. But the handwriting is
so indecipherable, that the only thing that comes out is a few letters in
the middle and a couple of hypothesis in the extremes. Here I go:
".ittma.." This is all I have. The first letter could be an "S" or an "L";
and the final two could be "ma" or "mi". So we have Littmame, Sittmame,
Littmami or Sittmami. Does anyone recognize any given name in these words?
I haven't seen the list personally, I just report what Paul Armony >from the
"Asociacion de Genealogia Judia de Argentina" sent me. Thank you again,
Guillermo Steinberg
Firenze, Italia

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