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Miriam Margolyes <75342.3217@...>

A male STUPEL left Grodno (11 Bonniefraterska St) for Israel in 1935.
He was married to a Rosa PASEVITCH (PACEWICZ). He would be our last
link with the family in the Old Country (now Belarus).
I can't read Hebrew. Could anyone kindly do a look up for the name
TUPEL when they're next on-line to an Israeli phone -directory-or have
access to an Israeli phone book.

I am happy to reciprocate with American look-ups. I am in Santa Monica.

Many thanks-Miriam Margolyes

Searching: SANDEMAN (South Africa & Liverpool, UK)
POSNER (Liverpool & London UK) =
PASEVITCH (PASS-PACE-)Glasgow, Oklahoma City
MARGOLYES(Amdur,Glasgow, Montreal)
STUPEL (Grodno, Israel, USA)

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