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Many of the original settlers of Kibbutz Lavi in Israel were part of the
kinder transport. In fact, I heard an excellent lecture on the kinder
transport when at Lavi. Suggest that you send an e-mail to
<lavi@...> asking to be put in touch with someone who was on the
Transport and could help you. I believe that the couple who had been part
of the kinder transport and spoke to the group were Mordechai and
Mariana Schechter.
Eliezer Kroll, Zichron Yaakov, Israel

To the person planning the documentary on Kinder Transport:
There is a Kinder Transport Association. Sorry I don't have the
but there was a Kinder Transport documentary made recently by Melissa
Hacker that was shown at the Film Anthology Archives, Second Avenue at
2 St, NYC. Maybe they could put you in touch with KTA.

Isabel Cymerman

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