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Marcelo Rosenbaum <marcelo@...>

I have actually seen a suggestion >from the Post Office that one
should make a point of writing the Zipcode BEFORE the word Jerusalem
rather than after it, to avoid confusing the sorting machines in the USA
and causing delay. It is also more efficient when the letter arrives in
Israel, as it places the zipcode numbers in the physical position they
should occupy in Israel -- where one writes "Jerusalem" in Hebrew from
right to left, followed by the Zipcode numbers to the LEFT of the name of
the town !

Judith Romney Wegner
Although the suggestion to place the zipcode to the left of the word
Jerusalem is very appropriate, your justification for it is not.

It is neither 'right' nor 'wrong' to write the zipcode to either side of
the destination locality: that position is just a matter of convention.

And in the same manner as the USA postal authorities have decided that
for USA addresses the postcode should be placed at the right of the
locality, in many European countries (but not in all of them) and in
Israel the code is written at the left side of the locality REGARDLESS
of the direction of the writing.

Kind regards,

Marcelo Rosenbaum

searching for:
KAHN (Laupheim), MORGENSTERN (Buchenbach), NEUBURGER (Ichenhausen),

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