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A. E. Jordan

Does anyone have any experience on how accurate the dates are on the SSI Death
Index? and especially so when the Index just shows a month and a year?

I found someone I need to research in the Index with a date of death of August
1963. I went to the appropriate newspaper for where I think she died and
there was no obit in the entire month. I tried the last few days of July and
the first few of September as well. I am wondering if I shoud go through all
of July now?

Short of a typo how wide can the gap between death and SSI's records be? I
found one person in the Index that is reported to have died June 15th and I
know >from the obit she died June 8th. That's a few days -- could it be wider
such as a month?

Anyone who has experience on the variance would be greatly appreciated.

Allan Jordan


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