old maps of city of Stettin #germany

Ann Lewin

i am looking for a copy of an old map showing street names before the war of
Stettin, Germany which is now in Poland. I understand that all of the
street names have been changed and the city is quite different. Family came
from Stettin and owned a business there. I would like to see where it was
located. A photocopy would be great if you have one. I have written all
over both to Germany and to Poland but have received no answer at all to my
requests. Thought perhaps one of you would make me a photo copy of one.
Really would appreciate any help or suggestions that you have for me.

Researching in Stettin: HOFFMAN, LEWIN

Researching in Halle (Saale) LEWIN, LOWENTHAL

Thank you,

Ann Lewin
annlewin@hotmail.comRancho Mirage, CA

Mod Note: Please reply privately to Ms Lewin. It is more helpful to use the modern name
of towns you are researching, both in web research, especially at genealogical
sites,like Shetlseeker, where information will be listed under the contemporary local and national
names. In this case, the current name of the former Stettin is Szczecin, Poland.

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