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And people think this is easy? That there is a simple name chart? HA
Things were just a lot looser then.
As Shelly said...and not just names.

My father hated his oldest brother. When he filled in my gm's application
of naturalization, he left Harry off entirely. If I hadn't had know he had
an older brother, I might have thought there were only four in the family.
This also makes you wonder what else he did? He shows my gps married
4/15/1889. Harry was born in 1889. Are the dates right? Did my grandmother
make him leave Harry off because he was born out of wedlock? Who knows?

The papers also say my gf (deceased by that point) had arrived here in
1893. The NYS Census in 1905 says he arrive in 1891.

Sometimes I feel like I'm dealing with mercury. But ain't that half the
frustrating fun?

Oh, just to restore hope. I found had gathered unto me the data on every
NADW/VORN/E/Y born in Ukraine in the world. Only 4 families, mine being
one, one in Brazil, one other (which had only 4 members, 2 already gone).
All other Nadwornys seem to be >from Poland. But I kept connecting the dots,
and waiting for those cert, and the last where there were no living
members. I kept searching and sending for certificates. AND I managed to
incontroveribly match up two of them as having the same ggf/ggm (the one in
Brazil and the 4 member one). The 2 survivors of the 4-member family
thought they were the only ones in the world because their father told them
that that is what their grandfather said. Might be what he believed but it
was not the truth.

So, if I managed to find success with my needle-in-a-haystack family, keep

Anita Citron
Flushing (NYC), New York
Searching NADWORNY, SILVER (Odessa) MEDNIK/WILDMAN (Berdichev)

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