JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Need help identifying a Jewish Cookbook! #general


I assure you my interest is genealogical; I have little interest in
cooking <G>.

The discussion of recipes a few months back on this forum caused
a "lightbulb to go off in my head" when I came across an old cookbook
belonging to my mother. I would like to establish the source of this
book because I am puzzled, since we lived Perkasie, Pennsylvania
(a small town in eastern PA), as to how my mother came to possess
this book. I am wondering if one of the recipe contributors might have
been a relative.Unfortunately the cover is missing and I cannot find any
reference to the source of this book.

It appears to have been compiled by women belonging to some
organization or synagogue, for fundraising purposes, with the recipes
having been contributed by these women. It is divided into sections as
follows (although I am not certain I have all the sections): Appetizers,
Soups, Vegtables, Fish, Milchig Macherie, Meats Poultry, Lotkas und
Knoedlach, Salads and Dressings, L'Chaim, Yontav Machulim, Eppes Essen.

The book appears to have originated in Wisconsin. There are several
advertisements within the book >from that area. [Sheboygan Badger
Liquer Co., 1313 Franklin St., Manitowoc, Wisconsin advertizing Welch's
Sweet Wine for 98 cents, etc.

I think I remember my mother using this book in the 1950's and possibly
earlier. It has a wide plastic spiral binding and I think that the missing
cover was blue and white.

If someone can identify the place, organization of origin, and time period
of this book I might be able to find a family link, and if anyone wishes me
to search for the name of a contributor to the book I will be glad to do so.

Lois Sernoff [Philadelphia, PA, US]

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