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Howard M. Kaplan <howardmk@...>

Thanks to several genners, I found the needed shtetl of Radomysl,
Ukraine, to begin climbing my paternal family tree. However, I haven't
been able to locate a single item of data about my mother's family. My
maternal gm's name was Anna CARNIS. They originated in Romania or
Bessarabia, as near as I can determine. I have NO hometown or shtetl for
them. My mother's name was Bertha Beatrice CARNIS. She had four brothers
-- Mike, Harry, Louis and "Chatz" (I don't know his English name), and
one sister, Rose. Mike and Harry lived, worked and married in St. Paul,
MN. Mike's wife's name was Yetta PODOLSKY or PODOLOSKY or some such.
They had one son, Milton (Herschel) who graduated >from St. Paul Humboldt
High School and in later life married and sired a son, named Michael. I
believe he is a fireman in suburban Minneapolis, MN, is married, and has
two children of his own -- a son and daughter.. "Chatz" was the family
"black sheep" and wound up in Minnesota's state prison where his life
ended. Louis changed his name to Richard CARNIS and moved to NYC where
he worked for Loews Theater Corp., >from at least 1937-45. I don't know
if he married or not, died in NYC or not. Rose married a Robert BERKUS
from St. Paul, MN, and they moved to Los Angeles, CA in the early '30s.
She had one daughter, Charlotte, and one son, Herbert. Charlotte married
an Al (Albert? Alvin?) COHEN, who was a writer for the Jack Benny shows.
Herb graduated >from USC ('49) in Journalism and worked briefly for the
Arcadia (CA) Tribune as a sports writer. He married a girl (whose name I
don't recall) and lived in Santa Monica,where we last saw the entire
BERKUS family in 1963. If ANYONE can furnish me a single clue or tip on
locating that side of my family, I'd be eternally grateful and willing
to do searches in the Denver/Colorado area in return. Thanx for any
Howard M. Kaplan, Englewood, CO.

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