JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Israeli Given Names--What Gender? #general

Simon Barak

Anat: Female (originally an Asyrian godess)
Doron: male (means "gift")
Eran: male (means "wakeful, vigilant" or "clever")
Hadar: bisexual (mainly female means "splendour, glory, beauty but also
citrus flower")
Neta: female (means seedling, sapling)
Uzi: male (means "brave")
Zachi: male, diminutive of Itshak=isaac wrote:

I would appreciate if someone could identify the (probable) gender of
Israeli relatives with the following given names: Anat, Doron, Eran,
Hadar, Neta, Uzi, Zahci
Simon Barak

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