Re: Use of Middle Names Israel and Sarah on German 1939 Minority Census #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Susan Meehan wrote:
I am doing research in preparation for putting in a claim with the
Swiss Dormant Bank Accounts commission. To that end, information on
the middle name is critical, as the name on the list is a common one,
Alfred DEUTSCH, but has a middle initial of M.
I found my relative, Alfred DEUTSCH, on the Hamburg 1939 German
Minority Census, along with a bunch of other relatives. However, his
middle name according to the census list, is Israel, and that of his
wife, Henriette, is Sarah. That discouraged me at first. But then I
noticed, while traversing through the microfilm that a great number
of clearly Jewish names in Hamburg all had the middle name of Israel
if they were male, and Sarah if they were female. Is this possibly a
generic middle name? Was it done as a protest, and if so, was it true
all across Germany? Why was this done?
Dear Susan,
it was NOT a protest, but one of the laws arising >from the Nuremberg
laws stated that starting on August 17, 1938 every German Jew was
*** forced *** to add "Israel" or "Sara" as middle names to their names to make
their Jewishness obvious. These additional names were inserted into all
passports, identity cards and even restrospectively into birth
certificates - they were *** not *** their real names but names forced upon them
by the Nazi authorities - in the case of survivors these names were
removed again after the war. With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany <fritz.neubauer@...>

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