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I see you had some success with Yad Vashem. I too had a similar experience
regarding the names on the list. Moshe Tuchman was a member of the Kartuz
Bereza Organization in Israel that apparently assembled the 4500 or so
names to submit to Yad Vashem. I suspect he listed himself as a relative
so that these names could be accepted.

Please note that anyone can submit a memorial testimony page,
"Daf Ed" to Yad Vashem' Hall of Names.
It is considered to be an eternal matzeva to the Holocaust victims who have
no grave. Naturally the "testimony page" was filled up most of the times by
relatives of the victims. Because of this fact,
the testimony pages have immense genealogical value, but their main
purpose was commemoration of the victims.

Read more in the renovated and very important site of Yad Vashem
on the WEB, at:
and the Hall of Names:

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