Re: Use of Middle Names Israel and Sarah on German 1939 Minority Census #germany

Christof Eberstadt <cpa-eberstadt@...>

Dear all,

To my best knowledge, no "Gutmensch" (as we say over here today, meaning
"good man") [*** see MOD NOTE below] is responsible for the removal of the
additonal "names", and much more no remembering of murdered or expelled people
(nobody wanted to remember). The decision to remove the notations was imposed to
the city officials by the temporary military governments in German
occupied countries soon after the end of WW II. I do know that >from the
American sectors, for instance Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg (Mannheim).

In the case of my relative Anna ANSBACHER-EBERSTADT her birth certificate
bears a stamp with the Mannheim Standesamt name change notation: "Zu Nr.
xxx. Mannheim, den 25. April 1939. Gemaess ยง2 der 2. Verordnung zur
Durchfuehrung des Gesetzes ueber die Aenderung von Familiennamen u.
Vornamen vom 17. August 1938 hat die Nebenbezeichnete durch Erklaerung
vom 28. Dezember 1938 mit Wirkung vom 1. Januar 1939 ab zusaetzlich den
weiteren Vornamen Sara angenommen. Der Standesbeamte xxx". Another stamp
says: "Auf Grund des Artikels II des Gesetzes Nr. 1 der Amerikanischen
Militaerregirung ist obiger Randvermerk geloescht. Mannheim, den 27.
Maerz 1947. Der Standesbeamte, in Vertretung xxx".

Nevertheless I found in the Fuerth archive at least (according to my
memory) one ANSBACHER, which had been forgotten and has to bear the
additional "name" in eternity...

Christof Eberstadt Germany <>

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