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Scott Noar posted the following on JewishGen:

<<Would anyone have information on a Jewish orphanage in Buffalo, NY in the
1880's. I have a ancestor that was brought over >from England by his
brothers and sisters but, left there when he was 7. They say he escaped
when he was 15 and joined the circus.

Scott Noar

I have a website called HNOH Welcome-Jewish Orphanages in the United
States, at and the following information
for Buffalo, shows one Jewish Orphanage in that time period:

Organized in 1879, the JEWISH ORPHANS ASYLUM SOCIETY was located on
Ellicott Square and was affiliated with the JEWISH ORPHANS ASYLUM OF
WESTERN NEW YORK at Rochester.

The Rochester facility opened in 1877, and there's quite a bit of
information on that one. You might want to see what's said for Rochester,
as it gives information where records might be accessed, and possibly they
might hold some of Buffalo's records.

There were a couple more in Buffalo, but were not established until years

Hope this helps!

Marge Spears-Soloff

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