Need help with location of German towns #germany

Hanna K. Grossman <hannakg@...>

I found that my family tree includes a number of German towns for which
I cannot find the state, as I can find them neither in Stetl Seeker,
the german zip site, nor a map. Any help will be appreciated. They are:

Essen an der Ruhr

The first five(>from the family context) I expect are in
Baden-Wuerttemberg, but I would like to know in which of those two they
were before they were combined.

In addition, I have made some guesses withthe help of Stetl seeker and
a map for the following, but would be grateful to be surer of that

Lehrenseinsfeld, Wuerttemberg
Kuppenheim, Baden
Sasbachwalden, Baden
Leutershausen, Wuerttemberg
Neidenstein, Baden
Freudenthal, Baden
Wiesbach, Wuerttemberg
Bonfeld, Wuerttemberg Thanks as always,

Hanna Grossman, Cornwall, CT

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