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Arnie Levine <arnie@...>

My father used to call my grandmother a witch because people used to
come to her to be cured of their ailments: Incarnations, Herbs,
Poultice, etc. Her name was Sarah CZUSIK nee SCHECTMAN and became Sarah
RICH when she came to Chicago in 1913. Most of her European adult life
was spent in Malin and Ksaverov (currently the Ukraine). Her mothers
name we think was Nachumah or Naomi nee HORWITZ we think from
Sarnoviche. Sarah had 7 children that lived: Rosa (Rose), Channa
(Anna), Reuben (changed to Harry), Schmuel (Sam-Changed to Jack), Elia
(changed to Al) and lastly born in Chicago, Riva (Evalyne) they all had
last name of RICH. Any knowledge or information pertaining to this
branch of my family please contact me.

Thank you.

Arnie Levine
Chicago, Illinois USA

Researching the SCHECTMAN, RICH Family >from Sarnovichi and Ksaverov
(Volhynia Gubernia); the CZUSIK, SHERMAN family >from Narodichi and
Chopovichi (Volhynia Gubernia); the LASKOWITZ, LATKOWICZ, LASKO, SIMON,
COHEN, LEVINE family >from Poland: Bialystock and vicinity). Settled in
Chicago but have spread (those located) throughout the USA, Canada,
Israel and Australia.

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