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What sort
of name is POSNANTECK? Is it a first name, or a last name? Where does it
come from?
According to Bieder, the surname POZNANTEK appeared in the town of Konskie
and references the ornamental name of POZMENTYR -- which refers to a "lace

Similarly, BIRENZWEIG (or BIRNCWAJG) was also apparant in the town of Konskie.

I'm glad I looked this up because my gut was going to say that POSNANTECK
had something to do with the town of Poznan.

Good luck,

Jonathan Goldmacher
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Searching: GOLDMACHER, GOLDMAN, MAK, MALOWANCZYK >from Poland (Przasnysz,
Pultusk, Ciechanow, Nasielsk, Neistud, Mlawa, Sierpc, Serock, Warsaw)

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