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Was Hersch (or Herschel) and Hertz (or Hertzel) basically the same

I have found Hersch defined as deer, while Herz is defined as heart.
Yet I have seen both names associated with:

(1) the Herbrew name for deer: Zvi, Tsvi or Tsui,
(2) the biblical name Naphthali
(3) and the American and British names Harris, Harry or Harold,

They appear both within my family and in the literature as if they
were the same name.

Nonetheless, I have had family members insist that an ancestor (born
in the late 1800's) named Hertzel couldn't possibly have been named
after his great grandfather named Herschel (born in the early 1800's)
because "they're not the same name and in Europe in those days they
always used the same name, rather than a similar name."

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