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Hello friends:
I wish to tell everybody my very good experience in Ottawa with the Jewish
Genealogical Society.

"I was a month in Ottawa, visiting my son and my new grand daughter Emma,
born in december 18, 1998.
I decided to take holidays also with genealogy and nobody, except Stanley
Diamond in Montreal, knew about my stay in Ottawa.
One monday after the turistic visit to Canadian Parlament we walked in the
snow and ice, with minus 22 celcius or minus 10 farenheint and the National
Library and National Archives of Canada were the most heated an confortable
building near to us. The chance was that in few minutes after our arrival
there was a guided tour for both organizations. It was nice and very
instructive, so I decided to do searchs there..
So the following day I decided to begin a search looking for a person from
Zhitomir, near Kiev named ?? Drukier, a grand uncle of my father that
emigrated to Canada and never was contacted again.
When in the following day, tuesday, I was obtained my authorization to
visit both organizations I met Ms. Jaffe, the curator of the jewish
exhibition of ashkenazi books (granted by Mr. Lowy to the National Library
in 1979- It was a permanent exhibition there).
She spoke me about one lady, Ms. Donna Dinberg, a officer in the National
Library saying that she is a member of the jewish genealogical society, who
would help me and by G'd decition, in this instant Donna is entering in the
She recognice me, my name and immy she was so friendly and warmest with me
that all the cold wuinter weather of Ottawa was unfrozen.
Consecuently, after several meetings in the Library and a lunch with her, my
wife and Hymie Reichstein, the Treasurer of the Ottawa JGS, I was invited to
speak in the january meeting of the Society, thursday 28.
It was in the new Ottawa Jewish Community Building and the jewish
genealogical meeting was the first celebrated there.
Later I received a a very important gift >from the President of the OJGS,
Professor Gerald Tulchinsky: a book wrote for him about the jewish canadian
community: "Branching Out" and dedicated to me by Lawrence Tapper, former
Meantime I made through 10 days searches in many archives and records in the
National Libray and Archives, during several hours per day.
I obtained a big experience in order to know what is possible to have and to
do in genealogical research and I will intent to aply it to our country.
I found two possible Drukiers that perhaps they were my relatives, next year
I will continue.
Also I met a gentlemen in Toronto, Manny Drukier, he wrote a vey
interesting book with his experience as nazi camp survivor: "Carved in the
Stone" published in 1997 by Toronto University. I also read this book in the
National Library.

Really my stay in Ottawas was exceptional and I am very happy to be in
contact with all these friendly people of the Jewish Genealogical Society.
Thanks to them for their r frienship to us, my wife and me"

Dear Jewishgeners. the above experience was one of the best experiences that
I had in my life.

Please don't hesitate in contact Ottawa people when you will visited Canada

Regards and Shalom
Paul Armony
Genealogical Jewish Society of Argentina

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