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Paul Silverstone <paulh@...>

Why do you say "mythical ship" Pampa. There was a Pampa, which ran >from
Havre to South America >from 1878 until scrapped in 1905. This ship
belonged to the famous line Chargeurs Reunis.
Paul Silverstone

Guillermo Steinberg wrote:

The path was: Istanbul
(Turkey) => Marseille (France) by ship; Marseille => Bordeaux by train;
Bordeaux => Pauillac by ship; Pauillac => Le Havre => Buenos Aires, by
the mythical ship "Pampa", which followed to La Plata. This group of
people was known as "Stambulers" (the ones >from Istanbul) or "Pampistas"
(those of the "Pampa").
Paul Silverstone
New York

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