JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: A terminological point #general

Simon Barak

My grandfather was known to all as Simche Bark. His parents called him
Simcha. His Russian neighbours called him Sima. His Russian passport was
on the name Semion. Arriving to Argentina this was changed to Simon. To his
wife he allways was Semuchka.
Querry: What was his first name, his forename, his given name?

Stan Goodman wrote:

"Given name" is the same as "forename" and "first name".
The terms "given name" and "surname" (or "family name") are much to be
preferred (Harold Pollins) followed:
Since joining this list I observe the use of the word 'given' to refer
to forenames. This was a new usage to me and I wondered about it.

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