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Thanks to a new friend in Philly, I have learned that my mgggparents
were married in Philadelphia in May 1891. According to the document, the
ceremony took place at 515 S. 7th Street, Phila., PA. Officiating at
the ceremony were Rabbi Black (or Bloch) and Rev. A.H. Boyle (who
apparently performed the ceremony).

FIRST: What was located at 515 S. 7th St. in May 1891? Was it a
synagogue? church? catering hall?

SECOND, and more puzzling: Who was Rev. A.H. Boyle, and why would he
have performed a marriage ceremony for two VERY Jewish people? Why does
the certificate note, in particular, that it was Rev. Boyle who
performed the ceremony? Why him and not Rabbi Black/Bloch?

The family of the bride was a religious family. She was given in
marriage by her uncle (her father's brother) with whom she lived when
she came to America. Her family seems to have originated somewhere in
Lavtia. The name UPA or APA, is the name of the town that comes up
everytime their "home in the old country" was ever mentioned. Unlike
many women of her generation, Sarah could read, write, and speak German,
Yiddish, and English. Her own parents didn't come to America until

We know almost nothing of the groom's background. My mother recalls her
father's father quite well. He was about 5'8" tall, with fiery
strawberry blond hair and deeply blue eyes. Mom said that she also was
always aware of his very "straight" posture (almost like a soldier
standing at attention). He spoke, read, and wrote in German, Yiddish,
and English.

I would appreciate any and all information and points of view in
response to my specific questions.

Thanks, in advance,
(Mrs.) Ricki L. Zunk
Kendall, FL

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