INTRO - researching KUHL family (Dusseldorf) and MICHELS family (Ulm/Dusseldorf) #germany

Roland Lemaigre <yehezkelraz@...>

Moadim lé Simh'a vé H'ag Pessah' Saméah' GerSig,
I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for
three months. I consider myself to be a novice in doing German Jewish
Genealogy research. I live in Brussels (Belgium). My native language is french
and I also know english. I consider myself beginner in using a computer. My
experience in using the Internet is intermediate.

I have identified the names and birth and death dates of mother, of my
grandparents, of my great grandparents and of my 2 great grandparents.
I converted to orthodoxe judaïm (Beit Din Ezori,Yeruchalayim) somme 26 years ago,
I just noticed a few month ago (through a genealogical search of my brother) that
my great-grand-mother (and also my great-great-grand-father & great-great-grand-
mother) had jewish names. So, in my genealogical tree, I find:

- Peter MICHELS (Ulm the 20/05/1831, Dusseldorf 01/02/1890) married to
- Catherine KUHL (Benrath/Dusseldorf 07/04/1828, Dusseldorf 11/09/1903) and
their daughter
- Hubertine Caroline Sibylla MICHELS (Dusseldorf 18/03/1860,
Berchem/Antwerpen 21/04/1931).

She married in Dusseldorf the 29/12/1910 with a non-jew (?)
- Friedrich Wilhelm WELSLAU (born in Hepen - Germany/Denmark/Holstein? -
1848, Berchem/Antwerpen 24/12/1926) and they came in Belgium, as
"apatrides". Sent in Holland during the First World War (Belgium was in war
against Germany), they came back after.
- Gertrude Jacobina WELSLAU, the mother of my mother borned on the

My primary research goals now are to find out: jewish links of my
great-great-grand-parents Thanks in advance for any help.

The family names and towns that I am researching are:

KUHL - Benrath (small village now in Dusseldorf), Germany, in about 1800/1900
KUHL - Dusseldorf (Germany) in about 1800/1900
MICHELS - Ulm (Germany) in about 1800/1900
MICHELS - Dusseldorf (Germany) in about 1800/1900

Roland Lemaigre, Brussels, Belgium. E-mail: yehezkelraz@...

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